Women's Health 

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At Ingress Health Partners we are committed to Women's health because of the important role of women in the nation and in the community and the home as teachers, mothers, influencers, leaders and role models.


The greater a woman's knowledge about her health and the health of her family, the healthier the family is, and the more likely it is the family will make timely informed decisions. 

We provide on site women's health interventions including contraception care and family and life planning education, scheduled cervical cancer screening exams through direct visualisation, breast examinations, and well as provide information, support and treatment of hypertension, diabetes, high blood cholesterol and help women achieve optimal weight.

Pregnant and non pregnant women benefit from anticipatory guidance to optimise their health. Mothers benefit from gentle newborn and infant care guidance, ensuring you don't miss important opportunities to address concerns around your children's and family's health. We are your partners in health- and our role is to empower you to become the greatest advocate of your own health. 

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