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About Ingress Health Partners

Ingress Health Partners specializes in providing patient-centered holistic primary health care services.

We promote health and wellness and empower people to change the way they think about healthcare decision-making.

We establish provider-led primary health centers to address the need for respectful affordable dignified primary care in high-density urban locations.

Our Mission is to promote maternal and newborn health equity through community care

Our vision is Optimum primary healthcare for all, everywhere we are.

Founder/Medical Director 

Dr. Orode Doherty

Dr. Doherty is a Harvard-educated Public Health Physician and US Board Certified Pediatrician with special focus on Children, Youth and Women. She received Pediatric training at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where she was an award-winning Pediatric resident and clinician As a pioneer Pediatrician in ICAP, Columbia University, she led teams that established over 100 maternal and newborn care clinics for mothers living with HIV in several states in Nigeria, creating curricula for training health providers and tools for supervision. She pioneered the well baby clinics at St. Nicholas hospitals in Lagos. As Country Director for Africare Nigeria, she provided thought leadership around enhancing the capacity of women and their families to improve health and livelihoods through behaviour change, education, and enhanced access to resources and technology. Her 27-year professional career has spanned clinical pediatrics, health and hospitals systems strengthening, behaviour change communication, community development, establishing livelihoods and the promotion of life skills in youth.


Our Project Management Team 

Dedication   Expertise  Passion.

Our dedicated project management team is composed of experienced individuals committed to optimizing healthcare outcomes   We are passionate about the healthcare of mothers newborns and young children and about the business of building the businesses of women who provide these services. We mentor and support nurse-led healthcare facilities: We are focused on zero preventable deaths in mothers and their babies and we ensure all the facilities we work with are equipped with the tools and skills to provide safe respectful care, recognize red flags that require immediate referrals, and embark on those.  Our goal is maternal health equity: Every mother should have the opportunity for safe respectful quality care, and every newborn deserves the opportunity to live.

Our Clinical and Community Engagement Team 

Focus  Compassion Care 

Our clinical and community engagement team works directly with Traditional Birth Attendants to educate them on the reduction of Harmful birth practices and the need for prompt referral for high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. Our experiences in the first clinic informed us of the need to explore the entire maternal health ecosystem to identify and help reduce the risks posed by ongoing harmful practices while establishing interventions with private-sector nurse-led facilities to improve access to safe respectful maternal care.  

Our Virtual Care Team 

Innovation   Engagement   Education 

Our virtual care team is focused on directly working with mothers providing Anticipatory guidance through a continuity of care model from pregnancy through childhood.  We establish birth cohorts of mothers and primary caregivers as they navigate the experiences of delivery, birth, and the newborn period and milestones through infancy and childhood. 

The Newborn Platform (R) and the Thrive! initiative provide affordable access to ongoing care and support for mothers, newborns and young infants through several collaborative efforts, ensuring community support for mothers, reduction in unnecessary hospital visits and prompt referral for needed post-natal support services. 

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