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Primary Healthcare

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Primary Healthcare services are at the center of everything we provide at Ingress Health Partners.


Through a nurse led primary preventive model, we provide high quality primary healthcare to meet your prevention, education, health promotion and treatment needs.


Our community centric and family focused model has the woman as the entry point to eliminate preventable maternal and child deaths in communities.

Our team has a combined experience of over sixty years in provision of care across the age spectrum from newborn to elder care. 

At our Ebute Metta clinic, we provide primary preventive care, 

anticipatory guidance, and Continuity of Care, alongside acute and urgent care services for ill patients. We ensure early intervention and referral support as needed

We aim to ensure patients are active informed participants in their healthcare.  We believe that a significant component of primary care involves raising awareness and educating patients about their overall health and their role in maintaining good health

We believe empowered and inspired patients prioritize healthcare, wellness  and make informed lifestyle choices

Schedule a visit to see us today and allow us to welcome you to Primary Healthcare unusual. 

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