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We started our women's health practice this week

This first week of July 2020, we formally kicked off our women's health services. Breast cancer is a leading cause of death in Nigerian women and the leading cause of cancer death in Nigerian women. it is closely followed by cervical cancer which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Nigerian women. This week we started screening for both using state of the art equipment for rapid screens. Two weeks ago we were adopted into the Private sector SHOPs Plus program and we are now proudly also providing screening services for Tuberculosis in our surrounding community. Of course we can only admit so many individuals into our clinic space at a time, so we are not deploying the more usual methods of gathering crowds ...but then, we are Ingress, we provide care unusual, so we give one on one care and the feedback has been great.

The highly prevalent Non communicable diseases of hypertension, diabetes and obesity when present have also been identified in the women we screen. Using our integrated and step wise approach, we have prioritized interventions thoughtfully as we are also working with many low income families. Lifestyle modifications are yielding pretty amazing results as our patients are discovering, and this is important for us to promote because we want to optimise health outcomes by prevention and lifestyle change as much as possible, and to keep the cost of care down.

We deploy evidence based practice for clinical care and our nurses and health educators are leading the charge both in the clinic and in the community to make a difference. Next week, we continue our face mask distribution and expand our services to providing elder care and support.

We would like to thank Efferent Cares for their unwavering support throughout this period.

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