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Primary Health Care:

Taking care of your family's health 


At Ingress Health Partners we are focused on ensuring that families have access to safe respectful affordable primary care services that meet their needs right in their communities.


At the Ingress Health Partners Clinics and our affiliates, we are primary healthcare providers: and promoters. We provide preventive care, health promotion and treatment for minor illnesses. Through our community interventions, we support other providers in the maternal healthcare ecosystem with training, mentoring and supportive supervision to ensure they are also providing safe respectful maternal care, with women as the entry point to services. 


We support your desire to be empowered around your healthcare decision-making. Preventive care includes age-related screening and immunizations against preventable diseases.

We provide face-to-face and telemedicine care- virtual video and/or telephone visits, and consultations as required to support you through minor illnesses or injuries, general health and wellness concerns and help manage chronic illness.

We operate within a specific scope of services. Once we determine you need a higher level of care, we commit to timely referrals to ensure the best possible outcomes. We also commit to continued guidance and advocacy to ensure the healthcare our patients receive best serves them, both at our facility and at referral centers.

Women's Health


At Ingress Health, we are committed to supporting women and their families in leading healthy productive lives.  

A woman's health depends on multiple factors, some outside her control. We help women identify the things they can control which influence their health outcomes and develop a plan for ongoing self care. Through a model of continuing care and anticipatory guidance, we support women to take charge of their health and make sound healthcare decisions for themselves and their extended families.

We provide screening and continuing management of the leading causes of illness and death in women of childbearing age such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. We manage acute and urgent conditions and provide immunization and pregnancy related care.

Breast and cervical cancer are the top two leading causes of cancer deaths in Nigerian women. We provide screening services for both diseases through hand held point of care screening devices. Once we detect suspicious lesions, we can immediately refer or manage specific cervical lesions, saving time and improving outcomes.

We teach women when and how to regularly examine their breasts and what to do when they find suspicious lesions, and help them navigate further management as needed. 

Adolescent Health


Adolescent care requires intention and active engagement of issues that matter to them and that shape their transition to adulthood.


In continuation of the care received during childhood, adolescents receive anticipatory 

guidance and preventive checks including screening with immunisation as indicated by policy and new evidence. 


We focus on the changes of adolescence, navigating new friends, schools, and experiences including those posed by unfettered access to the internet and influences from all over the world at the same time as teens  discover themselves.


We provide sound medical information and advice which empowers them to make informed decisions around their health and well being. 



Every child deserves to have a healthcare provider dedicated to his or her healthy growth and development. At Ingress Health Partners, we are thrilled to meet every baby before they are born by meeting with their mothers and preparing for their arrival!

Whether your's is a newborn toddler or child, adolescent or a young adult in transition, we hope you will choose to give them them the benefit of a medical home with Ingress Health Partners.


We are committed to giving your children the best opportunity at thriving  in their community. 

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Tel. 0906 500 0500

188 Borno Way 

Ebute Metta
Lagos, Nigeria



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